The UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker

The UE Boom is one of the most expensive bluetooth speakers that you can buy. So why would you? Or probably more to the point, why did I? There’s something about this little gizmo that will make you fall in love. It feels like solid tech, it sound great and looks fantastic. It has a good app, and has a feature set that is impressive for what amounts to a wifi megaphone for music.

One of the most impressive things, right out of the gate, is that it can be updated from a Mac or PC. Just last night, they increased the number of “steps” from minimum to maximum volume from 16 to 32. These are the kind of things that make a consumer feel even more invested in a brand… this thing just improved in quality. My justified purchase is even easier to justify. It has an alarm you can hook up through your phone. It has a verbal battery indicator. It can hook up to 8 devices, has a 50′ range and 15 hour battery life. You can use it as a speakerphone. It automatically remembers the last thing it was synced to. It has an equalizer with 4 settings and a fifth that is customizable. You can pair up two for stereo or just for more sheer coverage. And all of this makes the $200 USD price tag feel a little easier to swallow. Another nice feature is in the design… it’s shaped almost exactly like a can of pop in all dimensions but height. This means that most receptacles built to hold such a beverage, can instead hold the sweet, sweet sounds of your favorite tunes. I use it in my (old iPhone connection deficient) car, in he bathroom, outside… one user sent in a picture of it in the water bottle holder on his or her bicycle. Nice.

Something else worth noting, in case you happen to be a fan of a good packaging experience… this thing comes in its own epic case that appears to be engineered by the same future architects that made the photon torpedo for Star Trek. You crack it open, and your speaker is already on display, with removable trays for the wiring. It’s impressive, to say the least. This is my favorite gadget of the moment, and I couldn’t recommend it more. It does everything I want it to, plus a whole lot more; and it does it all very well.