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General policies:
10TU strives to keep a balanced mindset about gaming, that all game consoles and computers have the potential for quality gaming until proven a crapfest. We suggest keeping an open mind but do not enforce otherwise; be warned, however, strong opinions will likely meet with strong resistance.

If you DO get into an argument with one other person, we recommend (and enforce, in some cases) that you take it to Personal Message, or PM by clicking on their name in a post and choosing "Send a Private Message." A pissing match that takes place in a topic eventually gets locked and thrown in the appropriately named category for all to giggle at later.

If you find that you flat out can't stand somebody on these boards we also strongly recommend that you use the ignore feature. Just click on their name in a post, and choose to view their Public Profile, then just "Add Jerksauce to Your Ignore List."