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PS4 controller works wirelessly on PS3
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Thread: PS4 controller works wirelessly on PS3

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    Default PS4 controller works wirelessly on PS3

    This is awesome, on every possible front.

    1.) Less manufacturing costs as Sony only needs to make one controller going forward.
    2.) Increased sales for Sony peripherals... on a console the user doesn't even OWN.
    3.) Might entice PS3 owners to eventually upgrade to PS4 if tech is introduced to them piecemeal... (It's amazing how many people can justify shit like "Hey, I already have a controller for this, I should get one.")


    I wish MS would do this... could get a little confusing I guess, given that I actually turn on my XB1 to play my 360, sometimes. (That'll likely change after they bring Minecraft to the XB1, lol.)

    A few words of warning: This will de-sync your DualShock 4 with your PS4, but re-syncing it is simply a matter of connecting the gamepad to the PS4, turning the system on and then pressing the PS button. Also, our pal Engadget reports compatibility with various games is "somewhat spotty," so don't be pushing your DualShock 3 off a cliff just yet.
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