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Thread: Somebody Talk Me Out of an MS Surface Pro

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    Short review: Battery life sucks, but I work from home and mostly hang around home or a power outlet so I don't give a shit.

    Windows 8 is a jealous whore that only wants you to play with it, but after 30 minutes I now know how to flip between it and the desktop nicely.

    Otherwise. Pretty flippin' awesome. All of the complaints I've seen about this are from people that wanted a laptop or wanted a tablet. It's neither of those. It's a laplet. Or a tabtop. I dunno. Anyway... I'm in it for the drawing, and so far that seems to be pretty flippin' sweet.

    Haven't played any serious games on it yet, but I hear it can sorta handle itself.

    Larger review and some sample artwork in the next couple of days.

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    I'm pretty much in love with the Surface Pro, for reasons that are hard to explain. I think part of it is that I do like the much maligned Windows 8 as a tablet interface. Live tiles are great... showing live weather, the "cover" of the last couple movies you watched on Netflix, your gamerpic/gamerscore for XboxLIVE, the people in your People; all without clicking on a single app. You're just looking at the screen full of apps, and there it all is.

    I bought Sketchbook Pro and it does take some getting used to, but it responds nicely, and I'm looking forward to more quiet moments to get back into shape with my drawing skills. It's wonderful, Gabe from Penny Arcade was right. The stylus feels a wee cheap, and I'd love something better and bigger; but that said it is not the stylus I'm paying attention to within a few moments of drawing. Maybe that's a non-issue.

    The interface for Skype within Windows 8 is the best I've ever seen for Skype on any platform; but I have yet to have a video chat actually connect. While you'd think this would cause massive disappointment in the product in general -- this is where the Surface Pro shines. It didn't work? Well... (click) switch over to "desktop" mode, (click) Explorer, search on Skype for Windows Desktop, download/install, make a shortcut from Windows 8 to Skype for Windows Desktop, and boom, I'm back in business. That's what makes this thing so great. The new thing is swoopy and cool, but the old reliable thing is in the background, waiting to rescue me when I run into frustration.

    I love that I'm dinking around in Windows 8 most of the time... and at any time I'm going from keyboard entry/touch pad interface to touchscreen to stylus. Steve Jobs was fucking right a long time ago, and fucking wrong as the iPhone took over his brain. Freedom is the answer. Choice is the answer.

    The interface for the Windows 8 Netflix app is the best I have experienced, bar none. It is very obvious what is a button and what is not. Try to do this on any other interface and let me know how it goes: Search by genre to find sci-fi, choose Serenity, now filter by Nathan Fillion so that you're only looking at movies that he's been in. These are super simple taps on the Surface Pro, any other platform is a freakin' hunt. Filtering by director instead is just as easy as actor, and all right there, visibly a simple button tap. (Full disclosure, I've experienced "only" the following: Xbox360, PS3, iPad, Wii, iPhone, and browser.)

    Is it big? Yeah it is thick. Is it heavy? Honestly I don't know what people are bitching about there, it is fine. Is the battery life crap? Yes, but for me that doesn't matter. What compounds that issue is the shitty power cord length. It takes some real balls to short you on battery life and then short you on the cable to recharge it, right? The kickstand is handy but not nearly as handy as something that could have been adjustable. The price is high. The amount of storage is low. That's a condemning list of bullshit, I know.

    So why then am I still loving it? Let's talk paradigms. I compare it to my old house vs. my new house. My old house had issues and benefits. But we'd maxed out everything positive we were getting out of it, and we'd tried to solve the issues to the point that some of them were realized to be impossible to fix. So a new house, with its other issues and other benefits would seem like folly, but is refreshing by comparison. New issues might be solved. New benefits might be further improved. I've been on the iPad for years, and this new gizmo is like a breath of fresh air. Maybe a little polluted, but fresh. lol.

    Anyway... all this is my experience so far and I haven't even put a "real" game on it yet. Apparently I can do that. It's already worth the money to me. As I discover that it can do more and more, you can imagine it is only to my delight. That's what I guess I'm interested in with the Surface Pro... it is an undiscovered country, and I am a trail blazer. There's a reason they call jail-breaking your iDevice "jail breaking." What should I worry about, the length of the cord, or the thickness of the device's prison bars? I'm a (partially) free man with the Surface Pro. Besides, I think I can hobble up a better cord.

    Would I recommend this to anybody? I'm not sure. I didn't want another tower, I didn't want another laptop. I honestly didn't really even want another tablet. But this thing pulled off being a lot of those things with compromises that didn't affect me, but might affect you. For me the combination made it worth getting. For you it may cause redundancy. If the latter is the case, do NOT get one. Otherwise, consider it.

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    One more to add to the "plus" category... a wired Xbox Controller? Which yes I do have? Is PLUG AND PLAY with this device. I just played Portal on Steam with the 360 controller. BAM!

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