Hey all,
So I have a new condo, and somehow the wife is convinced that we need a new slimmer tv to replace my old 16" wide DLP model, and I am not complaining. However, I was a little shocked when I went to best buy, and tried narrowing down my options to "smart" LED tvs, and there were still 97 models to choose from. I guess the good news is that most tv's out there today have the features I want.

My question to 10tu, is are there any quality review sites out there? The ones I found all seemed to have questionable editorial policies (I don't trust cnet or pc world, and the others I found seemed to just be looking to generate ad traffic). If there are any sites out there that will help me accurately prune the list down, that would be helpful too- Best Buy is pretty good, but I can't for example specify wireless only, or 47-55" tvs, I have to look through all the 40-49" tvs, and then all the 50-59" tvs. I know... #whitepeopleproblems.

I guess if you have any specific recommendations, that works too. I am looking for a 47-55" LED tv. Must have an internet connection (wireless preferred), and able to consume dlna content. Picture quality is big on the list, but I could care less about 3D, and thinness isn't that big of a deal either.