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A peek into our ugly, sordid past.

Back to the Drawing Board

I’ve made some post-it note sketches to throw into my boy’s lunch bag, but that’s been about it, for something like 20 years. Something like 5-6 years before that I had to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons because it got too hard to play as my friends and I separated over the country. This drawing signifies a return to form, in a lot of ways. First, I decided to pick up my dice and do some role-playing again. I used the website to just let the world know that I was interested in finding a local group; sure enough, my new...

Investigating the Past

Not too long ago I was a part of Geeta Games as a Production Artist. I was in charge of level assembly, particle effects, basic interactivity, and programmed a few of the game’s minor puzzles. Under the direction of creator Steve Hoogendyk, the game shipped in Autumn of 2013. It was a great experience and I even got to go to PAX Prime! A big thanks to all of the wonderful people who worked on Lilly Looking Through for letting me be a part of making an engaging adventure game with a heart. If  a sequel is ever in the cards, I’d...


This animation was created, written and directed by me. It isn’t the best animation on the planet, I know… but there was a tight deadline between when I started and when it had to be submitted. Also see “kids” and “work.” 😉 Thank you Valve for the honorable mention as “Best Turret Story” on the The National and Valve/Portal 2 contest results page.