Back to the Drawing Board

I’ve made some post-it note sketches to throw into my boy’s lunch bag, but that’s been about it, for something like 20 years. Something like 5-6 years before that I had to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons because it got too hard to play as my friends and I separated over the country.

This drawing signifies a return to form, in a lot of ways. First, I decided to pick up my dice and do some role-playing again. I used the website to just let the world know that I was interested in finding a local group; sure enough, my new DM sent me an email. The timing and schedule was perfect, every other Tuesday — a time commitment I make happen easily, and (so far) without fail. I ended up with Rohmi, a Rock Gnome Cleric of Light, in D&D Next.

Secondly, I purchased a gorgeous Cintiq tablet years ago, and loved it, but couldn’t ever quite find myself sitting in an office chair and pouring my heart out. Instead I’d get agitated and eventually leave. Brandon suggested that I get an adapter to make the Cintiq work with my MacBook Pro (Retina) and I laughed it off, explaining that I’d tried a few and read up on it, and never found anything. Of course, I’d eat these words later that night, as a new search quickly revealed a person on one discussion board with my same scenario explaining that there was one simple adapter for 8 bucks on Amazon that would solve everything. And it did! Sitting in my big fat recliner and drawing feels wonderful, and I can be social with my family while doing so. It’s awesome!

I’m not quite done with this sketch, but I feel good enough about it to share. So there you go. The above image is slightly cropped… the whole image is a little better, shows a little more skeleton demolition, thus, here’s the whole thing below.



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