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10 Years Up

10 Years Up

Welp… It has been 10 years of this crap. 4.20.05 was the first time we opened our doors, and here we are a decade later. Very soon, hoping to break out of my shell and do something amazing. Give me a little more time. Got 10 more years? Just kidding.


The UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker

The UE Boom is one of the most expensive bluetooth speakers that you can buy. So why would you? Or probably more to the point, why did I? There’s something about this little gizmo that will make you fall in love. It feels like solid tech, it sound great and looks fantastic. It has a good app, and has a feature set that is impressive for what amounts to a wifi megaphone for music. One of the most impressive things, right out of the gate, is that it can be updated from a Mac or PC. Just last night, they...

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Sometimes It's the Little Things

There are two experiences I’ve had recently that brought joy to my heart, on the Xbox One; they are the type of feature that I wish the folks at Microsoft would focus on.   The first is the controller and headphone jack. We’ve had these for awhile now on some consoles, but I’ve only ever used them for headsets with a mic; along with enough wires to hook up Voltron to a daisy-wheel printer. The experience was simply this: I sat next to my wife on the couch. She wanted to work. I muted the receiver, plugged one wire into...

Speed Halo

Speed Halo

This video (NSFW, strong language) is about three years old, I guess, but I just saw it in the comments section of a Polygon.com article, and I really want to try it. This is in Reach but I’m guessing any Halo would do it… so perhaps when the Master Chief Collection comes out?

Next Up, Frank

I’m working on a sketch for a fellow player in the same campaign, next. He’s a barbarian, which could be an interesting twist for me, as I don’t think I’ve ever done the manly man drawings that most D&D sketches tend to gravitate toward. I’m going to use MangaStudio again for the pencils and inks, I think… and then I might try ArtRage for coloring. Or I might just do the whole thing in ArtRage. I like the UI and want to get to know it better. The last sketch I made took me about a month to complete, hopefully...

Back to the Drawing Board

I’ve made some post-it note sketches to throw into my boy’s lunch bag, but that’s been about it, for something like 20 years. Something like 5-6 years before that I had to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons because it got too hard to play as my friends and I separated over the country. This drawing signifies a return to form, in a lot of ways. First, I decided to pick up my dice and do some role-playing again. I used the website MeetUp.com to just let the world know that I was interested in finding a local group; sure enough, my new...

Investigating the Past

Not too long ago I was a part of Geeta Games as a Production Artist. I was in charge of level assembly, particle effects, basic interactivity, and programmed a few of the game’s minor puzzles. Under the direction of creator Steve Hoogendyk, the game shipped in Autumn of 2013. It was a great experience and I even got to go to PAX Prime! A big thanks to all of the wonderful people who worked on Lilly Looking Through for letting me be a part of making an engaging adventure game with a heart. If  a sequel is ever in the cards, I’d...


This animation was created, written and directed by me. It isn’t the best animation on the planet, I know… but there was a tight deadline between when I started and when it had to be submitted. Also see “kids” and “work.” 😉 Thank you Valve for the honorable mention as “Best Turret Story” on the The National and Valve/Portal 2 contest results page.